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Self-Certification Mortgages

If you require a self-certification mortgage due to an irregular income pattern, or if you have trouble proving their income, contact us today to discuss your options with a qualified mortgage broker.

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There are an estimated three million self-employed individuals in the UK. Additionally, there are millions more who receive their income on an irregular basis – by way of commissions, bonuses, investments, or directors’ fees - rather than through a regular salary.
To assist them in financing their homes there are a number of specialist lenders who provide a range of self-certification mortgages. The application process for self-certification mortgages will usually involve some form of credit scoring and proof of income requirements which may include a combination of:
  • A statement of earnings from the applicant
  • A declaration of income from an accountant
  • Credit searches (Equifax, Experian etc)
  • Mortgage statements
  • Landlord references
Professional advice should be sought from a qualified mortgage broker in order to help you select the right self-certification mortgage product based on your individual circumstances. The mortgage market is constantly changing and products which are available one day may not be available the next.
Please contact us today if you require advice on self-certification mortgages.